Renee and Jordan Zulkanycz

Ceremony Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Wedding Date: October 2011
Wedding Theme: Fall

Renee was known to be a non romantic girl, but after meeting Jordan that changed very quickly. Their relationship was nothing less than a fairy tale! It was love at first sight to say the least, and for a girl who hated romance “love at first sight” didn’t happen.

So the big day FINALLY came… after the stressful year of planning Renee was so happy for it to be over and for the couple to get back to their normal lives. Somehow against all odds it was the most beautiful day she could have ever wished for. They participated in a KY tradition in hopes to have decent weather, as their wedding was outside the last thing they needed was rain. They “buried the bourbon” meaning you bury a bottle of KY bourbon in KY soil on a day with perfect weather and dig it back up on your wedding day and the weather should match, success! Needless to say their wedding favors were small bottles of Jim Beam! In other hopes of luck Renee has always loved monarch butterflies, so they released those during the ceremony.

After the wedding the couple took off for their wonderful honeymoon in Mexico! They had an amazing honeymoon full of dolphin swimming, zip lining, cave swimming, canoeing, and mojitos! And now after it’s all said and done, Renee feels like she is one lucky girl living happily ever after.

-Photographer: Jessie Kriech-Higdon

-Photographer’s website: