Classic Wedding Church Decor

A lot of classic traditional weddings hold their ceremony in a church. The great thing about having your ceremony in a church is that most churches are beautiful just the way they are, but of course decorations never hurt! Here are some easy tips on how to make your church ceremony beautiful and timeless.

  1. Tulle – one of the cheapest and most beautiful decoration items is tulle. You can drape tool all the way down each side of the pews. You can also stream lights in the tulle to give an extra twinke.
  2. Flowers – After you have decided on your wedding colors purchase flowers that are within your colors and use them as décor throughout the church. You can have flowers in vases at the entrance, hang them on the archways, hang them at the top of each pew right over the tulle, and even sprinkle the pedals down the aisle. You can also place flower pedals in the tulle.
  3. Staircase entrance – You can place a red carpet on the entrance steps to your church ceremony so when guests arrive they will right away get into the wedding spirit.
  4. Candles – Candles always add a warm glow. You can have candles running down the entire isle on each side. For example, you can place a candle at the end of each pew to light your way down the aisle to your special someone.
  5. Altar Décor – A simple, but beautiful idea is to have movable columns at your altar. You can place flowers and candles on each one. You can purchase these at most hobby and craft stores.

Don’t forget to have fun!