Whitney & Christian Gilliam

Ceremony Location: Lexington, Talon Winery & Vineyards, Kentucky
Wedding Date: May 2009
Wedding Theme: Vineyard

Christian and Whitney met in a small family restaurant in Northeast Tennessee while they were both attending colleges in the area. They dated for a year and then he proposed with a vintage ring at a local park that overlooked the mountains.

They are both pretty casual, relaxed people and they wanted their wedding to reflect that. The couple chose Talon for its gorgeous surroundings and location on the outskirts of Lexington. They also were on a tight budget so they made a lot of their own wedding decorations. Whitney’s mom even made the ceremony decor, which turned out lovely.

A family friend catered a casual dinner of grilled chicken sandwiches, salad, and fruit. They had cheesecake cupcakes topped with kiwi and strawberries for dessert. The caterer used the wine the couple had purchased from Talon to make sangria for the guests. The wedding favors were tree saplings the guests could go home and plant.

The photographer was a friend of Whitney’s, and he did an amazing job capturing the entire wedding party and the awesome venue. The couple got married on Memorial Day and it rained and poured off and on until about 15 minutes before the ceremony, and then it magically stopped just in time!

Whitney and Christian honeymooned in Disney and had a blast! They also mentioned when you are celebrating there, they truly make you feel extra special.

-Photographer: Scott Clark

– Photographer’s website: http://www.dscottclarkphoto.com/


Renee and Jordan Zulkanycz

Ceremony Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Wedding Date: October 2011
Wedding Theme: Fall

Renee was known to be a non romantic girl, but after meeting Jordan that changed very quickly. Their relationship was nothing less than a fairy tale! It was love at first sight to say the least, and for a girl who hated romance “love at first sight” didn’t happen.

So the big day FINALLY came… after the stressful year of planning Renee was so happy for it to be over and for the couple to get back to their normal lives. Somehow against all odds it was the most beautiful day she could have ever wished for. They participated in a KY tradition in hopes to have decent weather, as their wedding was outside the last thing they needed was rain. They “buried the bourbon” meaning you bury a bottle of KY bourbon in KY soil on a day with perfect weather and dig it back up on your wedding day and the weather should match, success! Needless to say their wedding favors were small bottles of Jim Beam! In other hopes of luck Renee has always loved monarch butterflies, so they released those during the ceremony.

After the wedding the couple took off for their wonderful honeymoon in Mexico! They had an amazing honeymoon full of dolphin swimming, zip lining, cave swimming, canoeing, and mojitos! And now after it’s all said and done, Renee feels like she is one lucky girl living happily ever after.

-Photographer: Jessie Kriech-Higdon

-Photographer’s website: http://www.kriech-higdonphoto.com/

Lee Anne and Dylan Benjamin

Ceremony Location: Runaway Bay, Jamaica
Wedding Date: June 2010
Wedding Theme: Tropical Getaway

Lee Anne and Dylan met at a mutual friend’s house one summer before the DMB Concert in Indianapolis, IN. Little did they know that their brief and casual meeting would bloom into a beautiful marriage.

A couple of months after they first met Lee Anne and Dylan kept running into each other in Bloomington while attending Indiana University. They started dating and continued dating throughout college. After college they moved to Portland, Oregon together.

During their stay in Portland they vacationed in Hawaii where Dylan proposed one night on the beach. In planning their wedding the beach seemed to be a perfect theme encompassing the couples personality and their engagement location. Jamaica was decided as their top destination.

The wedding was a week long close family/friend vacation; 30-40 guests. They found three rental houses right on the beach where everyone could stay. The ceremony was held on the beach in front of one of the houses and the reception was held in the garden/pool area of the house. Lee Anne and Dylan honeymooned at the newly opened Secrets Resort in Montego Bay Jamaica. They held a reception back home after the wedding for those who couldn’t make the trip.

-Photographer: Brian Nejedly

-Photographer’s website: http://briandesign.com/