Hi, my name is Scarlett Witt and I am obsessed with everything about weddings! My mission has been to make this blog fun, helpful, and inspiring. When I was planning my own wedding I was browsing through other wedding websites and realized how overwhelming they can be by giving an overload of information, and the last thing a bride and groom needs is to feel more overwhelmed than they already do when planning a wedding, right? I also noticed many sites show unrealistic examples of overly priced weddings with models as the backdrop. At whatsyourtheme I only focus on real people, and real weddings.

I know how important it is to plan the perfect wedding day, I also know how special it is to relive that day over and over again, here you can do both.

Feel free to browse all of whatsyourthemes real weddings, read articles and tips for everything you need to know in the wedding process, and share your own wedding!

If you want to show off your wedding day and share your love store please email me 8-10 photos and a short paragraph of how you and your love met and decided to get married to http://www.whatsyourtheme.com.

 Warm wishes,

Scarlett Witt

CEO and Founder of WhatsYourTheme


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