Neha Dhimand and Gurpreet Singh Dogra


Ceremony Location: Chandigarh, India
Wedding Date: December 2009
Wedding Theme: Classic
Neha and Gurpreet had a typical Indian arranged wedding, a very common thing in India. Their parents had arranged a meeting for them at Neha’s place in Chandigarh.They met, liked each other, starting talking regularly.. but did not see each other a lot because Gurgreet left  for Denmark where he worked.

Their wedding date was finalized as the 2nd of December 2009. It was a bright sunny and amazing day. The wedding was a huge event, organized by Neha’s parents in Chandigarh. It was a Classic wedding, very traditional, and very beautiful. They went to the Holy Gurudwara for the wedding vows and returned to the hall for the rest of the ceremonies and the reception. It was a long day. There were several ceremonies for a week after, this is traditional for an Indian wedding.

Neha came to Denmark along with Gurpreet on New Year’s Eve, 2010. They went to Salzburg, Austria for a skiing trip, since it was winter. This was a totaly new sport for Neha, but she ended up loving it.