Tropical Wedding Tips

Let’s face it.. it’s hard to go wrong with a tropical getaway themed wedding, but anything’s possible. Even a beautiful beach wedding can go wrong, that is why we have a list of some great ideas to make your beach wedding perfect. Here they are:

1. Tropical Wedding Arch- You can actually buy a standard wedding arch at most craft stores between $20-$30, and then you can jazz it up with tulle and tropical flowers. Also, most wedding planning companies have an arch included. If you are traveling to a tropical island- usually either your planner, or the hotel will have an arch for you, and even set it up for you as well. (Make sure you call ahead and ask before you get there.)  If you are doing decorations on your own, here is a video that helps you understand how to decorate your own wedding arch. 

2. Tropical Wedding Flowers– You should try to include a tropical wedding bouquet, so when you walk down the beach aisle you will look extra tropical and gorgeous. Also, if you purchase extra flowers you can use them as decoration. For example, you can sprinkle them down your sand aisle, you can place them in vases on the reception tables, you can use them for your bridesmaid’s hair, and if you have a pool on site you can sprinkle some flower pedals in the pool.  Not sure what tropical flowers to pick from? Here are a list of our favorite tropical wedding flowers: Orchids, anthurium, ginger, heliconia, plumeria and last but not least- hibiscus!

3. Tropical Drinks- Whats a tropical wedding without the tropical drinks? After researching many different drink recipies and looking for many lists, we have found a must have drink list for the top ten most popular tropical drinks. Be sure to print this list and give it to your bartender before the wedding, or email it to him or her ahead of time so they can be sure to have the proper ingredients for all of these yummy drinks. From mojitos to bahama mama’s, check the top ten list out here,

4. Beach Wedding Flip Flops– Some couples decide to go barefoot, and some would rather have flip flops. If you do decide to get married barefoot, you may want some flip flops for after the ceremony. You can find cute flip flops almost anywhere, but we found some very special wedding flip flops at David’s Bridal. Prices range from $12.50-45.00, check them out here,

5. Tropical Bride and Bridesmaid Tote- We love these! These cute totes are perfect as a gift for your bridesmaids. They are perfect because you can have their initials embroidered on the bags, and they can use them while they are at the beach before and after your tropical wedding day. You can also get one for yourself, you are the bride afterall! They are also only $27.95 each, check these cute tote bags out here,

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 must haves for a tropical getaway wedding! Please feel free to add comments, and tell us some of your favorite ideas to pull of the perfect tropical wedding!


WYT Team


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